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Throughout my work life I have witnessed this core message and tried to imbibe it personally. We all have those moments when we get brushed with extreme situations, and we need a fresh perspective to look inwards to tackle it effectively. But it is next to impossible if we are only fixated on “Me -Mentality”; together we can do a lot more.

For instance, when we think of the jungle, the first name we can think of is “Lion”. The Lion is not the tallest, heaviest, largest, or fastest animal on the planet, but it is still considered the king of the jungle. Ever wondered why? Lions live in groups, which are called prides because they know their strength is in numbers, and everyone has a significant part to play in their growth and survival. No matter what we call it- like lions, we also need to harness the power of our pack to build success, not only for us but everyone.

Inspiring others is one of the critical components to effective leadership. The best leaders do this by helping their people reach higher, achieve more, and think bigger. It’s possible if you inspire others to be more than they are today. You are then fulfilling the basic requirement of leadership. Small acts of kindness, a word of encouragement, holding a teammate’s hand where he/she is struggling, goes a long way in achieving success.

Last year I suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. I had to be off work for 2 months; my team leaders not only supported me and let me hold on to my job but also made sure that my salary was processed in full on time! It made me feel a sense of belonging and a new resolve when I came back to work. The feeling that someone has your back and will stand by you through thick and thin is comparable to no other!

Growing together with our comrades is a lot more fulfilling than enjoying alone.  Working hard and celebrating the journey together is a win – win situation for everyone. While the saying goes there is no “I” in team, this is not entirely true. When every individual learns how to work for the good of the team, everyone wins. The process starts with you.

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