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Technological HR Trends

AUTHOR :Ann Snook
Credit : Photo by https://i-sight.com/

Nearly every industry uses artifical intelligence (AI) to simplify its processes. Human resources is no different. One of 2020’s HR trends is incorporating more AI tools into everyday...

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BKTC: HR solution


AUTHOR :Twinkle Verma
Credit : Photo by stock.adobe.com/in

Throughout my work life I have witnessed this core message and tried to imbibe it personally. We all have those moments when we get brushed with extreme situations, and...

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10 trends that will shape HR in 2019

AUTHOR : Kathryn Moody @KatMMoody Ryan Golden @RyanTGolden Katie Clarey @kclarey21
Credit : Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Increased attention on topics traditionally considered the realm of HR made workplaces the place of convergence for some...

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